Ultimately most small businesses need to understand how to get a business loan, whether to get the working capital for business startup or to finance the expansion of a previously established business. However whether you are going to a bank or a friend for a business loan, the lender will have the same expectancy.

You can increase your odds of efficiently getting a business loan by being organized to fulfill those expectations.  Put yourself on the other side of the table for a moment.

In case someone asked you for a business loan, you would need to understand exactly why he required the cash and what the chances were that he might pay off the loan in full and on time. The important thing to getting a business loan is preparation. Primarily, collect the documents in an effort to help convince the lender that a business loan is important and that you are a very good risk.

Documents Required 

  • Business Plan

Your business plan indicates the lender not only the reason why you need a business loan; however what you actually intend to do with the cash. Here is a simple business loan outline you can use.

  • Cash Flow Projections

You also need to have cash flow projections. Your business cash flow projections provide lenders actual financial details that they can use to evaluate the risk related to you.

  • Personal Financial Statement

A list of your personal assets, belongings and debts to give the lender a full financial picture of you.

  • Previous Business Tax Returns

In case your business is set up and you’ve past business tax returns, it’s a good concept to take them with you. They will provide the lender a clear idea of the way your business is doing financially.

  • Credit Report

Basically, you set up a credit score by purchasing things on credit and paying back the cash you owe. Your loan repayment history plays an important role in establishing your credit score; however all of your credit dealings make up the history that is used to determine your credit rating.

It’s not important that you include a credit report with your small business loan application; it is quite easy for potential lenders to evaluate your credit score. However in case you don’t know what your credit score is or suspect your credit rating is damaged, you may need to get this.

The credit report you get will consist of the information on what to do if you find some mistakes in the report. In case you’ve a bad credit rating, you’ll need to take some steps to fix it before getting a business loan.

Making Successful Presentation To Lender

The subsequent step about how to get a business loan is to convince the lender that your business is feasible and you are a good credit risk. Therefore, you have to get ready in advance to make a winning loan presentation.

You need to start the process by considering the lender’s viewpoint. You need cash. However he is interested in the answers of these two questions: “What is the purpose of the cash?” and “Are you carrying a good risk?”, and to make a successful business loan presentation, you have to come up with the appropriate answers to those questions.

Answering the first question indicate being completely up to date with all the details of your business plan and being able to point to the relevant financial statements, charts or graphs in an effort to help convince the lender that you need the cash you’re asking for to do what you want to do. And answering the second question indicates having already given some consideration to the credit risk you represent to the lender and being prepared to deal with their concerns.

To acquire a small business loan, you need to be organized to inform your potential lender:

What Type Of Collateral You Have?

Collateral refers to the tangible assets that you are ready to place to acquire the loan. Those tangible assets might be equipment, a residence, a vehicle – something of value which you possess. In case you fail to pay back the loan, then the proceeds from the sale of the assets are used for the reimbursement purposes.

How Much You Personally Want To Invest?

Being eager to risk your own money reveals the lender that you are committed to the business.

How Much Experience You Have In Your Preferred Field?

Because the success of your small business relies on this to some extent, any potential lender will need to know more about you. Be prepared to speak about yourself while you apply for a small business loan – your background, your skill set, and even your objectives.

How To Get A Business Loan?

Your odds of getting a business loan can be significantly progressed if you have all your documents in order and are prepared to lessen the lender’s concerns about loaning you the money. Consider it as a presentation to an important customer and you will have a better chance of success.


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