Armed with a solid business plan, you march into a bank & walk out disappointed when the bank says,” NO”.

The Dilemma In These Times Of Recession

Small business owners can improve their chances of finding a loan if they understand three things:-

  1. Find out why the bank turned thumbs down. Common reason are bad credit, high debt-to-equity ratio, and inadequate collateral. Ask what steps to take to improve your chances next time.
  2. Learn what banks and governments are doing to help entrepreneurs. The community redevelopment act of 1977 encourage banks to make more loans to small business owners in their communities.Special loans are often set aside for women and minorities.

  1. Non-bank source are willing to take higher risks but you’ll pay a higher interest rate and give up part ownership of firm.

An Alternative To Small Business Loan

Your business need capital and traditionally the small business loan filled that need whether it was for new equipment or inventory acquisition, new marketing effort or sales drives-even for funding day to day operations during a slump, the express funding group business cash advance can provide the money your company needs to thrive. The Merchant Advisors get your business cash it needs without all the hassle associated with the traditional small business loans.

Removing Barriers To Small Business Loan

Banks often put up hurdles, blocking your small business from getting the cash it needs. They pile up paperwork, subject you to long, intrusive applications with strict requirements and high fees just when an immediate cash infusion would propel your organization to new height.

Solution For Receiving A Small Business Loan

Merchant Advisors is the best solution when the traditional small business loan fall short. Small businesses often face challenges in obtaining money at critical junctures when additional funding would open up new revenue streams or help recover lost ones. We will work together to overcome common problems and find ways to achieve mutual success by identifying and fulfilling your business capital resources needs.

Merchant Advisors has the solution!

Get the cash you need quickly without the paperwork hassle.

Advantages Of Small Business Loans

  • 90% merchant loan approval rate.
  • Get approved in 48 hours.
  • Funds deposited in your bank within 5 to 7 business days.
  • Repayment schedule that doesn’t consume your daily cash flow.
  • No collateral.
  • No application or closing fees.
  • Poor credit o.k.
  • Interest may be tax deductible which lowers your net -effective rate-.
  • We’ll take 2nd (subordinate) position. Layer our business loan over your existing loans.
  • Easy Application, Minimal requirements.