Small businesses often suffer a bad period of business and lose their credit rating or even go bankrupt in some cases. The owners realize that it not the end of the world. The bad period is normally due to natural calamities and poor business planning. However the worry of the businessmen at this stage of business is to get some capital to run the affairs and try to get out of the problems. Capital is available through Small Business Bad Credit Loans. The problem is the Bad Credit or the Bankruptcy, as most Financial Institutions/Companies are reluctant to grant loan to businesses with Bad Credit or Bankruptcy.

As said that this is not the end of the world. Businessmen in financial troubles coupled with Bad Credit or Bankruptcy have a very lucrative opening for them. Loan facility is available without the consideration of Credit Rating or Bankruptcy, not only this the Payback System is based on agreed Percentage of future sales and receivables from Credit Card payments, a convenience unimaginable by small business owners. Merchant Cash Advance offers the much required Capital to small businessmen in financial difficulties and unable to arrange cash due to being Bankrupt or having Bad Credit, with the option to utilize the cash where they like it, there is no restriction as to how the cash will be used.

Merchant Cash Advance Loans provide some very attractive facilities such as the:-

  1. No collateral is required, thus no loss in equity.
  2. Easy to get approval in a short period of time, a maximum of 24 hours.
  3. Credit Card sales determine the volume of cash required.
  4. Paybacks are based on monthly sales through credit cards. Low the income low the payback, higher the income higher the paybacks.
  5. Payments are so planned that the Credit Card
  6. processing companies are authorized by the     Merchant to transfer a percentage of the daily credit card income directly to the merchant cash provider

These facilities provide major advantages over the conventional small business loans. The existing recession in the world economy, bad credit market, low business incomes and increase in the percentage of defaulters, merchant with Bad Credit are having real tough time to meet their cash requirements.  Small Business Loans are not available to them. Merchant Cash Advance has proved to be a lifeline for them.