• Are you a small business?
  • Faced with fiscal crisis?
  • Looking for a business loan?
  • Don’t Rush!

Most small businesses rush to banks and traditional lenders for a business loan without realizing the common mistakes. Here are 7 common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Focusing on credit rating when applying for a business loan . It’s not always where you stand, it how far you can go! Merchant Advisors allows you to get a business loan without a gigantic credit score.
  2. Not locking in a rate . Business Loan by small business experts allow you to payback loan without interest
  3. Not reading the terms carefully.
  4. Making major changes by opening and closing accounts which proves your not a stable small business
  5. Rushing to banks with a massive paper work . There are non traditional lenders like small business experts Merchant Advisors that give 90% approval to most small businesses
  6. Risking you personal assets for the sake of getting a business loan and losing everything you ever owned in order to give back the business loan.
  7. Rambling about giving your business plan to every other bank and traditional lenders, it like you’re throwing your hidden ideas to the paparazzi

By avoiding the following mistakes and relying on small business experts you are sure to find yourself a booming business with a business loan that gets approved in 1 hour, is collateral free and provide get cash flow.