5 LinkedIn tips for entrepreneurs
Linkedin has 135 million professional members who have been segmented in accordance with their industries and specific demographics. Many small business owners around the world have found their business partners and potential customers through LinkedIn’s powerful search.
There are many success stories which have helped businesses grow in many directions through LinkedIn. Every small business owner should hire a dedicated social media team in order to take advantage from limited and free resources.

What can be strategically achieved should not be ignored. There is always hype about Facbeook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is often ignored by many small businesses. In order to utilize this powerful professional networking platform you should ask the following questions from yourself and analyze results effectively,

Is your profile strong enough?
Build a profile that makes you stand out in the market. Complete each section with what you have achieved and use your achievements to market yourself and your brand. Don’t forget to post your company’s name and website’s link at a visible location on your profile. Interested customers or business owners always look for a link towards your brands profile. Make it easy and attractive for them.

Do you participate in groups?
Participate in various groups. Solve problems and ask questions. There may be small business owners asking for help in filing taxes, or someone who needs working capital or business loan for their small business. Or others who may require your advise in their financial reports. Help them reach out; connect them with people who can help them.

Do you use LinkedIn ads?
Through LinkedIn ads you can easily reach out to your targeted market. LinkedIn offers low cost ads offering targeted reach to potential buyers and business owners. The market segmentation on LinkedIn ranges from industries, companies, seniority, age and group.
Small business owners providing services for professionals can very effectively utilize LinkedIn ads and acquire targeted sales leads maximizing ROI.

Have you recommended anyone lately?
Recommend and get recommended. A very important and useful feature at LinkedIn is LinkedIn’s recommendations. Small business owners should ask employees, clients, customers or business partners to write powerful recommendations for the services they provided. These recommendations will in turn help in increasing the value of your business’s profile.
You can also take advantage of recommendation ads. Recommendation Ads enable you to generate and showcase recommendations of your products or services to LinkedIn’s audience of more than 135 million professionals. This is LinkedIn’s one of the most powerful mechanism for small business owners at low cost.

Do you use LinkedIn’s search feature?
Linkedin’s advanced search feature enables small business owners find their targeted market. LinkedIn has strategically divided profiles into various categories depending on the names, designations, seniorities, company size, groups, experience etc. Such targeted segmentation has helped small business owners to carry out focused networking activities.

In order to make the most out of available resources you should create a list of what you want to achieve. Without a goal, LinkedIn profile will not be of any value for anyone or for your business. Depending on your goals, you should then design your small business’s LinkedIn strategy, in accordance with which you will target your focused demographics for your small business’s success.