Small business loans for women owned businesses are basically the same as every other business loan. Lender approval will more often than not be based on the basics of your business, your personal credit, and your ability to pay back the loan. There are so many small business funding programs as well as lenders that made it a point to expand business lending to women business owners.

Increasingly more women than ever before are determining to start their own business. The number of women owned businesses in the US has expanded by way of 68%, bringing the wide range of women owned businesses more than 10 million. Women owned businesses are growing at especially a terrific rate.

Women business owners are responsible for employing hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country and generate over one trillion dollars of revenue every year. But in spite of the growing number of women-owned businesses, women are still experiencing so many obstacles with regards to getting access to capital. It is estimated that women owned businesses are 15%-20% less likely to be accepted for a business loan, and women who are searching out money to start a new business receive approximately 80% less capital as compared to their male counterparts do.

To make it feasible for women to keep their businesses running and expanding, there are many types of business funding programs that are more accessible for women.

Here are some of the major types of business loan for women.

SBA Loans

In case you are a small business owner, you may be capable to make the grade for an SBA loan, no matter what your gender is. Even though the Small Business Administration doesn’t have any programs to help guarantee the business loans for women, their programs often improve the odds of a women being authorized for a loan. In line with the Small Business Administration, the loans are 3-5 times more likely to go to women as compared to the business loans not backed by the Small Business Administration.


Actually, businesses that only require small amount of cash usually have a difficult time getting approved for a traditional business funding due to the fact that they aren’t looking out sufficient amount of cash for the lender to see the deal as being profitable for them. However when you consider that businesses frequently need small amounts of cash, lots of institutions and businesses have started supplying microloans to help fill this financial gap.

Many lending firms that provide microloans have programs geared toward women business owners. In contrast to many different types of business financing programs, microloans can frequently be used for financing startups.

The Small Business Administration also has a microloan program that is additionally accessible to women business owners, with some of their approved intermediaries being organizations that are meant for helping women business owners.

Alternative Lending

Traditional loans from traditional sources aren’t the only effective way for small businesses to get the amount they require. Many other lenders provide some different types of funding that don’t consist of extensive documentation, long approval times, and strict requirements that come in conjunction with conventional loans. Invoice factoring and merchant cash advances are the famous types of alternative funding that make it feasible for small businesses get the financial assistance they require, even if the banks reject you. These loans are usually given in smaller amounts and are best for dealing with short-term requirements.

Equity Financing

One way to acquire cash for a business without going through bank is through seeking equity financing. As opposed to taking out a loan and taking on debt to help their businesses get started, many business owners choose to find investors to invest in their business. Investors are eager to get involved with a business that is run by women.

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