There is a reason why banking institutions don’t speak highly about their quick funding for small businesses: due to the fact that they don’t even exist! Certainly, even as banks have always inclined toward heavy bureaucracy in relation to assessing business loan requests, since the time of great recession, banks have limited to a virtual crawl. Actually, it is not unusual for a business loan application to snake its way through dozens of loan officers for more than six months.

Likewise, small business owners are not assured that they will sooner or later get the financing they actually require. At any time including the months after it was submitted — the loan application can get declined for further information or paperwork, or fully rejected. You need to remember that the banks are private organizations. They have no legal obligation in any way to support small businesses.

The good thing is that the small business owners just like you aren’t compelled to wait for your bank to come to a decision that your credit is good that good, your cash flow is strong and good enough, your business is profitable, and your pledged collateral is adequate enough to lend you some of their cash. Alternatively, you may take control of the situation and apply for these quick funding solutions:

Fast Business Loan

A fast business loan is a general type of funding, which is appropriate for the long-term working capital requirements, expanding into new markets, looking after most important renovations or upgrades, or having the financing needed to get another business and create a larger, stronger business. A set amount is offered to the small business, which the business needs to pay back on a daily or monthly basis.

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is appropriate for short-term working capital requirements, which includes covering some surprising expenses, cover emergency repairs, hiring seasonal staff, and so forth. Even as you get pre-approved for a certain amount of cash, you only pay interest on the amount of credit that you use. In addition, you can additionally take out some separate drafts at different instances given that the total doesn’t go beyond your pre-approved amount.

Business Equipment Financing

Business equipment financing is right if you need a quick infusion of cash to purchase new or used equipment or probably inventory. The term of this type of loan normally ranges from 1-5 years, which gives you time to pay back the loan, and reasonable regular payments. In case you plan on making a foremost investment in developing the equipment, then it could be feasible to get a 10-year term.


Even as these funding options differ in some major ways, what all of them have in common is that they are quick loans. This means your loan application will be evaluated immediately, and if everything moves forward appropriately, you will need the cash in your account in just a couple of days apart from you’re taking out a business line of credit, in this situation the funds will be available for you to draw upon within a couple of days.

The Bottom Line

In current fast-moving business background, everyone needs quick funding support from banks; however fast business loans are not part of their services. Luckily, online lenders understand the fact that time is money. And for this reason they made the whole lending process more easy and fast.

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