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Payment Gateway

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Our Virtual Terminal, included in our QuickCommerce Payment Gateway, is like Internet-based credit card machines.

Merchant Advisors provides you everything you need to begin accepting credit cards.

  • You can connect to your secure Virtual Terminal using any Internet Browser such Internet Explorer.
  • We provide you a unique user name and password which allow you access to your account from any PC.
  • Process sales or access detailed account reporting in real-time, 24 hours a day.
  • Sales orders collected from your web site through secure email can also be processed manually with the Virtual Terminal.
  • Submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card transactions without the need for separate transaction terminal or processing software.
  • Credit card transactions are authorized in real-time (immediately upon submitting).

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for.

What is an Internet Payment Gateway?

Our QuickCommerce Payment Gateway gives you everything you need to connect your web site payment page or shopping cart to accept payments in real-time.

  • An Internet Payment Gateway is an electronic commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers.
  • Payment gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Virtual Terminal with the added ability to begin accepting real-time credit card orders directly from your web site.
  • QuickCommerce enables you to take secure credit card and electronic check payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week real-time without ever needing to speak to customers.

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for.

Custom Integrations We provide all the technical documentation for you, your web master, designer or programmer to complete the integration process. Many programming formats are provided to make the integration process as simple as possible.

Shopping Carts Check out our list of supporting shopping carts that have already integrated with our gateway. There is no programming required. Cut and paste and your ready to go!

Don’t see your shopping cart on the list? Looking to use another gateway with our merchant account?

No problem. Merchant Advisors will gladly worth with your existing gateway to set up your merchant account. We’ll also help if you have questions on what processing options you have with your current shopping cart solution. We’re here to help.

Recurring Billing Our recurring billing features offers a robust, yet easy to use recurring billing system that can be configured to suit the needs of your business. Membership dues and subscription fees are examples of products and services that are typically billed on a recurring basis.

It is the perfect solution that allows you to set up regularly scheduled payments, such as dues for membership services or installment payments. Recurring billing offers you improved profitability, security as well as better control and predictability over your cash flow.

Comprehensive Online Reporting The Reports tool allows you to view all credit card Settlement Reports (Sales, Pre-Auths, Credits, etc.) by date, by credit card number, by order number, or by Customer ID. You can also see when a batch was run, how much the batch totaled, and which transactions were included in the batch.

In the credit card Transactions Reports, you can review Address Verification System (AVS) results or learn the reason a specific transaction was declined.

Fraud Protection Developing and maintaining a current negative database of payment types and customers that have caused you problems or have committed fraud is useful in helping your business reduce costs and maintain profits.

The Transaction Manager Fraud Protection system allows you to lock out, or unlock, certain credit cards, individuals, and/or countries that you choose not to support. This feature enables you to monitor your system for fraudulent transactions and set specific parameters for which types of transactions you will not accept.

Administration Administration The Administration tool is used to define processing and security settings for your account. You provide all of your pertinent information such as company name, merchant username, and password.

You may also choose from the payment acceptance options available and provide security, processing, and access group instructions. Remote Processing functionality is also accessed through the Administration tool group.

Order Processing The Order Processing feature allows you to generate reports of all of your open or unshipped orders so that you may process and label them closed or shipped. You may also generate reports of all your closed or shipped orders for review or accounting purposes.

Security Industry-Leading Security - Your customers can be confident that their data is secure. The gateway protects sensitive customer information using the highest levels of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) authentication, encryption and security protocols available in the industry. SSL encryption protects information being transmitted across the Internet from third parties.

Connection Methods Choose a method that's right for your business: link to the QuickCommerce secure hosted payment form, host your own secure payment form, or use one of our certified shopping cart solutions.

There is No cost or obligation to find out how much you qualify for.

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