• Convenience - Having an ATM available for your customers makes it easy for them to do business with you. Our full service ATM solution makes it easy for you as well.
  • Increase customers - Your customers will no longer have to stop at your competitors to get cash (and spend it there). You will have customers stopping at your place of busi ness because you can accommodate their needs.

  • Increased sales - ATM's allow your customers access to all of their available cash from bankcards, credit cards, etc. When customers have more money, they spend more money. A study done by 7-Eleven and Con venience Store Decisions Magazine showed up to 20% of the money withdrawn from an ATM is spent in that store.
  • Increased profits -Our revenue sharing program pro vides additional profits on completed ATM transac tions. These additional earnings are an extension to store sales made by the ATM customers.
  • Control bad debt - Cash does not bounce. Cash does not have the issues like: charge backs, disputes, bad checks, and the stress associated with checks and credit cards.
  • Reduce costs - By directing your customers to the ATM, you can greatly reduce the credit card and bank deposit fees you are currently paying.

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