Step 1: Your Credit is an Asset

In today's economy, credit is a valuable financial asset. Credit opens up doors to safe, affordable capital so we can obtain assets, manage emergencies and move ahead into financial self-sufficiency. Building, re-building, and maintaining a good credit score may be the single most important factor in obtaining long term assets - cars to get to work, homes, education, capital for business.

Families with a good credit rating will save approximately $250,000 in interest throughout their working lives.

Step 2: Know your score & what’s on your reports

A credit report is a financial resume. It is our financial reputation with the world.

A lack of recent active positive payment information is the number one feature that keeps a score low.

Step 3: Get on the road to better credit

A credit profile (and score) can improve quickly and substantially with the start of good financial behaviors, including on-time payments on well-managed accounts actively reported to the credit bureaus. Practitioners have seen clients' scores jump 50-100 points in just six months with one new, small line of credit, even when clients do not pay back old debt. A good credit history can start today.

Got Active Accounts? Making on-time payments on active accounts reported to credit bureaus each month is the most important factor to building credit. Active accounts are defined as accounts with ongoing payment activity in the last 6 or 12 months. Remember that building your credit does not require taking on high debt. An active account on a $50 loan and an account on a $5,000 loan will provide the same credit boost.*



Step 4: Get Educated –

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The purpose of this book is to explain a subject that most people do not fully know or understand. Many people seem to know something about credit, but few know all the information necessary to control their credit. This is your detailed plan to progress toward high credit scores. In return, high credit scores save time, money and energy.

Let’s face it. Great credit makes life easier. When you finish this booklet you will know how to take charge of your credit. You will understand the why and the how. Why? You want to pay less to borrow money. You want the best terms and options that lending has to offer. Credit influences our business lending options, our insurance premiums and many other things in our lives. It is not just about borrowing money despite the typical association.

We can jeopardize our credit any given day with any number of things. We have to realize the importance our credit has in our lives. Acknowledging this importance can have a major impact on our daily decisions, and in the end, our credit.

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* Reference Credit Builders Alliance